How the University of San Francisco MSN Develops CNL’s

Empowering Today’s Nurses to Be Tomorrow’s Leaders

The primary goal of the University of San Francisco’s online MSN Clinical Nurse Leader program is to prepare nurses to become both providers and managers of care. The Clinical Nurse Leader is charged with coordinating, delegating, and supervising the care provided by the health care team that includes licensed nurses, technicians, and other health professionals. The University of San Francisco’s online MSN teaches the Clinical Nurse Leader to transform the way they think and to look at patient issues and daily functions holistically to find ways to improve processes and patient outcomes. The Clinical Nurse Leader looks beyond management and focuses on leading efficient processes through business application, and system level analysis to ultimately impact patient care.

The online MSN Clinical Nurse Leader degree program admits students who have demonstrated the ability to undertake master’s study and show potential for making contributions to the discipline of nursing. Students in this program should anticipate a rigorous curriculum. The Clinical Nurse Leader applies evidence based practice by embracing the literature, research and latest breakthroughs in medical research and applies it to their current nursing practice.

Founded on Jesuit values, the University of San Francisco and its School of Nursing and Health Professions are committed to bettering humanity by furthering a more humane and just world. Nursing students at the University of San Francisco are taught how to be better leaders by effectively linking classroom and practicum experiences with expectations for competence, compassion, and justice in health care, within the highest academic standards.



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