Why get your rn to msn online?

Advanced Education Designed to Fit Nurses’ Busy Schedules

The nursing field has become increasingly complex over the years. Due to ongoing advances in technology and cutting-edge nursing research, nurses are expected to continue their knowledge throughout the duration of their careers. As a busy professional, you may be concerned with how graduate studies could interfere with work. Fortunately, many of today’s RN and ADN to MSN programs exist online.

Designed specifically for working professionals, online RN and ADN to MSN programs are structured to allow you to continue working while studying. You get the chance to learn at your own pace, do schoolwork wherever you have a computer and Internet connection and apply learned principles at work throughout the duration of the program.

Online RN and ADN to MSN programs typically take just 2 to 3 years to complete, so you can get back to working full time once you’ve graduated.

Why online?
There are many reasons nurses choose to pursue online RN and ADN to MSN programs rather than enrolling in on-site courses. Convenience, flexibility and multiple entry points are some common reasons.

Career Advancement
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), American Nurses Association (ANA) and other leading nursing organizations recognize the BSN degree as the minim educational requirement for professional nursing practice but acknowledge that the BSN is essential for nurses seeking to move up the career ladder. Having just an RN degree is no longer enough. And even after earning a BSN, it is advised that you purse a masters-level program in order to stay abreast of nurse trends and launch your career into new places.

Higher Salary
According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2007, the average annual earnings of registered nurses employed in nursing was $60,970. Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners and other nurses with graduate degrees typically earn even higher salaries than this.

Management Potential
As you continue working throughout the duration of your graduate studies, you are continuing to build your professional experience. This coupled with your newly obtained knowledge will help increase your management potential. Advanced nursing degree programs go beyond teaching principles of nursing. Instead, many programs branch out to cover things like health care administration, leadership skills, how to efficiently run a department, how to incorporate research into your everyday and how to adapt to changes in the field. All of these things help to increase your management potential.

Choosing to pursue a specialty online ADN or RN to MSN program online means that you are broadening your range of opportunities for your future career potential. Because the demand is particularly high for nurses in key specialties, you can find online programs that focus everything from critical care and neonatal nursing to emergency, operating room, and labor and delivery units.

More specifically, there’s been increased demand for front-line primary care requiring advanced practice skills. Online masters in nursing programs can prepare you for clinician roles in four categories: nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse-midwives and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Continue Working

When you attend on-site graduate programs, you must carve out a lot of time in your busy work schedule. Sometimes this means working less or having to stop working altogether. The beauty of an online ADN or RN to MSN program is that it is designed to work around your schedule. You are not only allowed to continue working, but you are encouraged to. This way you won’t miss out on anything, you can still make money and you can continue gaining real-world experience.

Faster than On-Site Programs
Depending on how much time you dedicate to your online ADN or RN to MSN program studies, you can typically complete the course in a maximum of 2 years. Because you can complete the coursework at your leisure, you don’t end up missing classes or having to retake them because your work schedule conflicted.

Same Quality Instructors
Depending on which school you’re looking to pursue you’re graduate degree, many schools offer online programs taught by the same dedicated faculty who teaches on-site. That means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your instructor as qualified as those who teach on-site.

Family Responsibilities
If you have children, a spouse or care for family members, you might be hesitant to commit to an on-site graduate program that will keep you away from home too much. An online nursing program takes away this worry by enabling you to complete coursework at home.

Like on-site graduate in nursing programs, online ones are built upon collaboration. Though the form of collaboration isn’t exactly the same as it is in person, it is still useful and beneficial to you. Online graduate ADN or RN to MSN programs typically feature chat sessions, e-mail correspondence and instant messaging so that you are able to effectively communicate with cohorts and instructors. Additionally, online programs enable you to complete clinician hours at health care facilities close to your home. So you are ensured collaboration.

Overall, the way you choose to pursue your education is up to you. But choosing to do it online can open a whole new world of opportunities while enabling you to carry out work and family responsibilities that might interfere with on-site learning programs.





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