MSN Program Focus

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So what is our program’s main line of focus? First and foremost, this is a traditional Master’s of Science in Nursing degree. It is an advanced practice generalist program, and it offers a Clinical Nurse Leadership certification as a bonus. This means that it’s an advanced practice degree that keeps you at the bedside, if you choose to. You can also be in management or in non-management positions. This program integrates with other advanced practice nurses, so not only working as a clinician, but many students choose to go on and pursue Doctoral programs in other advanced practice specialties, such as midwifery, nurse practitioner and others. You can work anywhere with this degree. In addition to working at a hospital, you can work in clinics, private practices. You can work in education, home health, mental health facilities, hospice, just to name a few. For more information, please contact your Enrollment Advisor at (877) 398-3146.

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