Online learning without advanced computer skills

How user-friendly the online learning is for this student who didn’t feel that she had advanced computer skills.

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Female Speaker 1: And actually comparing that to online, how have you found the online learning environment?

Female Speaker 2: Well, you know I was worried, and I’m sure a lot of people that are calling in for this are as well. I was nervous about how the technology would work. I don’t have a very fancy computer at home and I was worried about being able to keep up with things. But the online learning environment, so far has been really good. Like I’ve said over and over, it has worked really well with my schedule, with kid and with work. And I can sort of check in when I’m sitting at a soccer practice in my car.

The technology has been extremely amazing. I mean I can use my phone, my school calendar will sync up with just my regular Hotmail account, or I guess it’s probably through Gmail, that calendar with sync up with my calendar, and the type of software and program that is used, online has really made it easy to communicate with my other classmates.

So a lot of our assignments are kind of posting your assignment and then replying on other people’s assignments, and you get a really good conversation going. I’ve learned a lot form other people that I didn’t’ realize how different every hospital is. We have a lot of big hospitals in Seattle, and there’s a lot of people in sort of smaller communities and they’re talking about the resources that they have, have been really interesting.

I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of all the students and kind of learning a little bit from everybody. I’ve taken away a lot of really good pointers and I’ve brought a lot of really good things back to my own work environment already, that I’ve gotten from other students that work in a different hospital environment. So bringing that unique perspective in has been really neat as far as an online learning environment.

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