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Hear how this student can manage to work full time, take care of her family, and participate in this flexible program.

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Female Speaker: With that want to introduce our special guest, Collyn West. Collyn West is an RN and she is a current student in the online MSN Program. Hello, Collyn how are you today?

Collyn West: I’m good thanks, hello.

Female Speaker: Great, so please, Collyn tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Collyn West: Okay, and thank you so much for this opportunity I’m really excited to talk about this program. So I live in Seattle, Washington. And I’ve been a nurse now for about ten years. I am currently working as the assistant nurse manager of my unit and it was time for me to go into a Master’s program I knew that I was ready for it. I was really kind of torn about going to a more clinical track or a more management type of a focuses. And I found the Clinical Nurse Leader program to be really intriguing because it gave me the option to continue working in both. It has a lot of leadership components and it will help you kind of look at the big picture but still focuses on clinical outcomes at the unit level. So I feel like through this program I’m still going to be able to impact patients on my unit and help my nurses be better able to provide care for patients.

I am still working and I’m still working full time, and the challenge about my job is that [phone rings], so that’s actually a great example is that I don’t have anyone doing my work when I’m not there, so that is one reason why I was really excited about the University of San Francisco’s program, is the flexibility in the program really works with my life. I’m able to see ahead at the semester’s course work and kind of plan my schedule and when I’m able to turn in assignments and when I’m able to spend time on some of the projects and I have that whole semester to plan ahead and make sure that my assignments are submitted on time.

I also, besides working full time, have two little kids and so, although I think it’s probably a good example for them to see what it’s like to see me studying and in school and how you prioritize things. I am able to, like I said with the flexibility of the classes, make sure that I’m at all of the soccer games, because I can get all of my assignments done the day before so that I have that afternoon free. So the flexibility with the program was really what drew me to the University of San Francisco in the first place.

And then, as was previously mentioned, the program is a great program. It speaks for itself, as far as the level of graduates that they are preparing. It’s very well highly looked at as far as their program. And besides the flexibility there’s a lot of resources out there. They really make you feel like you’re a part of the school so I have instructors checking in on me and I have people in the program calling me and checking in on me. And there are session opportunities for you to get to know your instructor and kind of be online with them. And we do some group work that you can also schedule with your own time. But it’s still really nice because I actually feel like I have classmates in the program, although we’re all over the country we text each other and we email each other and we work together and kind of check in and say “oh my gosh have you taken these quizzes yet, did you have a hard time with this” and so I don’t really feel as ‘siloed’ as I thought that I would in an online program. So that’s kind of what drove me towards this field and this school for this field.

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