Why did you choose USF?

Answers to why this student chose to be an out of state student with USF

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Female Speaker 1: Seeing that you are an out of state student why did you choose the University of San Francisco, instead of a local program?

Female Speaker 2: Well, one big part of it was the flexibility. I didn’t want to commit to going and sitting in a classroom for an evening or a few evenings every week. I actually looked at a few programs all over the country. Online and local, there was actually one in Seattle, which is where I live, but it did require class time and then the clinicals were actually a little bit more rigid. I work for the VA and so my plan is to stay with the VA and although I think you can gain a lot of experience going to other facilities to see what they look like. I really wanted my clinicals here and I was able to do that through the University of San Francisco instead of being placed into a clinical through a local facility.

Also the other schools that I looked at, they either required you to visit the school a few times throughout the program, which I couldn’t’ commit to financially and then once again that poses other challenges with my schedule, or they required additional testing or the programs were longer.

There were quite a few reasons why this was actually just a really good fit for me. And also one thing, working for the government they don’t take it likely, where you get your degree. If it’s not accredited then you can’t get hired here. And the University of San Francisco was accredited at the national and at the state level. So it was accepted by the VA, and one of my nurses on my unit is actually starting the program now, so I can actually help her get through it and learn the technology and our facility was very impressed with the program. So they are really excited.

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