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A program designed to empower your professionalism and passion for nursing

As health care continues to evolve, opportunities to provide high-quality care in more complex health care environments are increasing. Becoming a clinical nurse leader is one such opportunity. Health care facilities nationwide are beginning to add CNLs to their staff as the significant contribution a CNL makes to more effective and efficient patient care becomes apparent.

At the forefront of this movement is the University of San Francisco, one of the first schools in the nation to offer the RN to MSN online degree program. Instead of preparing nurses for a specific focus, as most MSN programs do, the pioneering University of San Francisco curriculum empowers nurses to concentrate on “the big picture approach” of patient outcomes. As a result, Clinical Nurse Leaders are better prepared to foster meaningful change in their local health care organization and in the health care profession as a whole. Additionally, University of San Francisco students will find the Jesuit values of social justice, diversity, integrity, accountability and excellence woven throughout this pioneering program, reinforcing the concept that nursing really is one of the highest forms of service to humanity.

Business Practices
In order for CNLs to be effective in their efforts to lead transformational changes in health care, they must look at the business implications of their initiatives. The online nursing program at the University of San Francisco prepares you to apply financial management theory, such as cost-benefit ratio, to ensure the best possible use of human, environmental, and material resources.

Evidence-Based Nursing Practices
Part of designing the best plan is providing the evidence to substantiate it. At the core of the University of San Francisco’s online MSN CNL program is learning to embrace the literature, research and latest breakthroughs in medical science and applying that knowledge to improve individual patient outcomes and health care policies. You will use the skills gained throughout the program in a culminating project, applying evidence-based nursing to an issue of your choice.

The University of San Francisco online MSN Clinical Nurse Leadership program lays the foundation on which to build your leadership skills. Since a Clinical Nurse Leader interacts with the whole health care team, it is critical to have the leadership skills to successfully coordinate efforts both horizontally and vertically. The University of San Francisco online and ADN to MSN and BSN to MSN Clinical Nurse Leader program emphasizes such skills as communication, collaboration, consultation, alliance-building, and accurate assessment of the abilities and scope of practice limitations within a health care team. These important leadership tools can help you achieve the very best holistic patient outcomes.

If you seek the challenge of improving health care on an organizational as well as patient level, the University of San Francisco online MSN Clinical Nurse Leadership program can prepare you with the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals.

Online MSN Program Overview

Get information on our program designed to prepare you for leadership opportunities in the health care industry.

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Online MSN Program Objectives

Preparing nurses to assume a true health care leadership role.

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Online MSN Curriculum

The curriculum teaches nurses the leadership skills necessary to implement transformational system change and improve patient outcomes.

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Online MSN Program FAQs

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about University of San Francisco’s online MSN Clinical Nurse Leader program.

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Enrollment Advisors

Your Enrollment Advisor will see you through the entire enrollment process, providing you information to start your advanced learning program.

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Online MSN Faculty

The University of San Francisco’s School of Nursing and Health Professions is home to the nation’s largest number of Clinical Nurse Leader-certified faculty members. Read more about them.

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Course Delivery Methods

Online learning provides a convenient, interactive environment suited for nursing professionals. Learn more about the course delivery methods.

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