Danijela Pavlic

Assistant Professor

Ms. Pavlic is delighted to be teaching in the online MSN RN program at the University of San Francisco (USF). She graduated with Bachelors in Psychology at University of California Berkeley and Masters in Nursing at University of San Francisco. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice also at University of San Francisco. Being entirely a product of nursing education at USF she is thrilled to be teaching amongst other exceptionally dedicated, and forward thinking faculty and interacting with motivated, curious and enthusiastic students. She had the opportunity to pilot the Clinical Nurse Leader role, presents at regional and national Clinical Nurse Leader conferences, is intimately connected with both theory and practice of the role and brings to the discussion lively and enthusiastic perspectives on the current and future place of CNLs in healthcare.

Danijela loves her work, finds great inspiration in her classes and the students’ brilliance, strongly believes that it is nursing that will move the safety movements forward and bring about much needed change in the quality of healthcare delivery. She is thrilled that you are choosing this remarkable path in nursing and looks forward to you joining our learning community.

In her free time she loves to make cards, scrapbook, and think of mischievous way to amuse herself and her husband. She and her husband are hopelessly bad cooks, love to travel, eat and laugh.

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